Oxygen Facial & Therapies

Oxygen Facial & Therapies

Oxygen and Aging

What Causes Aging?

The basic concept of aging is that the body loses its ability to efficiently deal with damaged cells and cannot keep ahead in regenerating new cells. It is like falling behind in a race.

Free radicals are the primary cause of  aging.

Free radicals are unstable molecules in the body created as part of the waste products or normal cellular metabolic activities. Usually molecules contain electrons in pairs. When there is a loss or gain of an electron, this destabilizes the molecule. It becomes highly reactive and destabilizes other molecules. These unstable molecules are what are called “free radicals”. The body attempts to balance and neutralize these free radicals, but over a period of time free radical damage accumulates damaging skin cells.

While the aging process is normal, some individuals experience an overabundance of free radical production.

Sometimes this is caused by pollution. Highly processed foods, cigarette smoke, alcohol consumption, overuse of prescription and over-the-counter medications, prolonged stress and anxiety can also be responsible for free radical damage.

We at Santosha hair spa incorporate Oxygen Therapy in a couple of ways.....

Firstly we use the super potent Heritage Healers ECHO2 range of skincare and specialist facial protocols.

These can be performed as a one off treatment before a special event or for increased results we recommend investing in a course that will be specifically designed around your lifestyle & needs. You will be advised how to manage your after treatment care so as to encourage the best results possible.

$140.00 please allow 75mins

Secondly we can arrange for an Oxygen Inhalation to leave you feeling invigorated & de~stressed. Our clients swear by the feel better factor especially if dealing with jetlag, tired or recovering from immune compromised conditions

Oxygen Inhalation - 15-30min. $19.95-$34.95

What is inhalation oxygen?

Inhalation oxygen involves breathing in oxygen at concentrations of between 90-95% pure oxygen.

Oxygen inhalation therapy has been proven to heighten concentration, alertness, and memory as well as offering a natural remedy for headaches, hangovers and jet lag. Scientists have proven many benefits of increased oxygen in the body so enhance your skin from the inside out with an oxygen inhalation boost!
Shhh it’s also a celebrity secret before any function to help brighten the eyes & complexion.

May be added to any of our spa services.


Namaste.... My name is Kathryn and after over 30 years of working in the hair & beauty industry I'm still as passionate about beautiful hair now as I was when I started my career. I've had the honour of working in some very talented salons in Noosa, Sydney & Brisbane. My mantra is that your hair should be an expression of your inner beauty, a crowning compliment to the goddess within all of us.

Let's seek beautiful treasures together

Let's seek beautiful treasures together